Competitions for 2019

Glenn and Nikkis`Midlands Grand Finals Qualifying Competition


January 12th 2020  Glenn and Nikkis` Midland Grand Finals Qualifier, Wicksteed Park, Kettering, NN15 6NJ.

Large sprung maple floor with ample parking in the Pavilion of Wicksteed Theme Park.  A full Grand Finals Qualifying programme for adults and children in Ballroom, Latin and Sequence. contact Glenn or Nikki for further information.


Medallist Competitions 2019

September 8th 2019 Cambridge Grand Finals Qualifier

October 20th 2019 NATD Grand Finals Qualifier

November 2nd and 3rd 2019  Grand Finals Blackpool

January 12th 2020 Grand Finals Qualifier Wicksteed Park

July 11/12 2020 NATD Grand Finals Blackpool


Pro-Amateur Competitions

 November 20th Freedom to Dance

Championship Competitions

6th October Midlands Open Trophies

13th October Warwickshire and East Staffs Grand Prix

10th November City of Birmingham Trophy day




Social Competitions