Blackpool Grand Finals 2017

Well Done to the GottDance dancers the 4th and 5th of November 2017 at the  the Empress Ballroom of the Wintergardens Blackpool. 7 Finalists from 14 dancers and Terri Richmond Blue sashed once again for the 3rd consecutive year at Gold level and finished second in Latin afte having been rushed into hospital with a stroke only a few weeks earlier!  Fantastic recovery Terri and well done!  Beth 3rd in Ballroom after just 10 months dancing.  As always an emotional rollercoaster and a pleasure working with all you guys.  Keep up the good work and lets work even harder to challenge in 2018!!

Blackpool 2017

Hi to all Blackpool Qualifiers.  Only 8 weeks to go and ticket requests are urgently required.  The deadline to get our request in is the 28th September so please speak to Glenn or Nikki and let us know how many 1 or 2 day tickets you require and on what day.

Price is £26 for 1 day and £36 for 2 day which includes the Saturday Evening ticket free and all payments to be cleared by the 28th please!